trunki fire lorry

We have been to several flights now where we saw parents with small children using trunki. The kids would always seemed very proud carrying their trunki and when it quesued up, they would just sit on their trunki. All the while, Elias likes to be carried by his Pappa. It is faster and we know that he is safe and within our reach. We do not need to be on the lookout for him in case the queue goes forward, or if he goes wandering away from the queue.

We haven’t flown yet with his trunki so we hope to be able to take it with us during our next flight! Yeay, so excited!

Elias got this trunki for his Christmas present and he really loves it. So we really hope that he will use his trunki real good on his next flught.



Our new addition to the Arthursson family;

baby Sarah Alicia 💕
She was born on a Monday evening, 19th September 2016.


Elias: Before & After Haircut


This haircut was long due and we thought Elias looked so much grown up in the After pic. He has been so overwhelmed with the arrival of his baby sister. And there are two new people in the house that he’s getting used to, Atok and TokNa.

Mamma and Pappa are so proud of you, Little Man. You have been behaving extremely well being in your position as an older brother and we know you will love baby Sarah so much.

We love you so, so much.


Hello dear readers, 


Today I caught Elias’ poo again! That makes it three times now within one week 😍 

I just have to be more proactive in trying to catch his pee, from now on 😓

On a side note, 

I just recalled that upon picking up Elias from his daycare today, he was so excited to see me that he accidentally hit (or slap) one of his daycare buddies that were nearby him. 

I was so shocked and immediately told Elias to “klappa fin” his friend. And to my relief, he did patted his friend nicely. 

One of his teachers were there and saw this event. It’s good that she saw this now she can be extra careful around Elias so that he doesn’t hit other children in the future 😔

Elias himself appeared really surprised that he hit the boy. He really was sorry I could see it on his face. I hope dear boy would be more careful next time. 

Good night! 💤😴

Potty training – contd.

Oh em gee! 

Elias just dunked his first poop in the toilet today! He pooped on the toilet with the toddler insert of course. But he understood what the toilet is meant for!

I am such a happy and proud mum!
We have been signing with Elias the potty sign so he understood that I wanted him to go on the toilet when I showed him the sign.