Elias’ Favorite Meals

I would like to make a list of all the food that Elias loves to date. As I feel that sometimes I do not have any idea of what he loves to eat! And I feel frustrated after making such a tedious recipe but in the end having him refusing to eat the meal. It is not the happiest feeling at all!

Here goes the list:

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Diari Makan Sarah

before 8 December 2016 – a taste of mango
2 Januari 2017 – A taste of cucumber

4 Januari 2017 – A taste of clementines

5 Januari 2017 – A taste of cucumber

11 January – Tasted tomato

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Pulka and snowracer

It snowed heavily on Friday and it made Saturday’s weather perfect for some action for our little boy!

At first we wanted to use the pulka but farmor said Elias is ready to take the action to the next level — snowracer!

Here is Elias on his first snowracer ride 😍 He seemed a bit unsure at first but after a while he started to enjoy it 😊

We really had a good time. Farfar and farmor joined in the fun and then we finished our outing with fika at Siv’s place 🍩🍪☕️🍼