Sarah is Five! :-)

Little Sarah is five months old today! 🙂 Guess how we celebrated her birthday?

Uncle Eddie is also celebrating his birthday today. So we all decided to get together in the city to eat lunch or have fika together. We went to a very nice restaurant called Ritz very close to Kungsportsplatsen.

So the restaurant doesn’t provide any cutleries, plates nor water cup in plastic for kids. So all the kids drink from the tall thin wine glasses. And just as we were about to leave the restaurant, I gave Elias one last sip from the wine glass. And guess what — he bit the glass so hard it cracked!

I got so panicked and at the same time I was so angry, because he has to do that! I know he is a small child. But it is just so him to do all these things that is actually not intentionally, but it is just harmful for him! Of course, he doesn’t know it because he is just 32 months old and he doens’t know what is danger.

Anyways, I tried to open his mouth, and with Shahrul’s help I managed to get out two tiny pieces from Elias’ mouth. We asked him if he felt any pain, he pointed to his lips, because they bled when the glass cracked.

We went to the Drottning Sylvia children’s hospital directly and had a doctor’s advice to monitor him if he complains of stomach pain or anything. The doctor wasn’t even worried because she said the glass pieces I drew for her on a piece of paper were not big and is actually harmless. It will come out through his digestive system and she told me to relax and go home.

And now the two kids are sleeping soundly in the bedroom. Both are totally knocked out from today’s outing.

And soon it is time for the mother to go to bed too. Because tomorrow I have a dentist appointment! 🙂 And Elias has to see the doctor again in the morning because of his skin problem.


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