Baby Is Not Pooping So Often

So, as you all know I have been giving Sarah some food in very teeny, tiny portions to boost her appetite and confidence in eating. I noticed that her bowel movements have become less regular when she starts consuming solids. 

Like this week, I really think she hasn’t pooped at all for the whole week. And today is Saturday. That’s like six days of no pooping. And that must not feel so comfortable for her. I mean, I would get headache and feel very uneasy if I don’t go to toilet for even two days. 

Of course, Sarah drinks only breastmilk and teeny, tiny portions of fruits or veggies. But she has also a small stomach. And food after digested has to come out otherwise it will become toxic in the body. 

So I am going to start making a list of all the times that she poops, just like what I am doing with her food consumption. So that I can always go back to these lists and look at them anytime I want to, when needed. 


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