Diari Makan Sarah

before 8 December 2016 – a taste of mango
2 Januari 2017 – A taste of cucumber

4 Januari 2017 – A taste of clementines

5 Januari 2017 – A taste of cucumber

11 January – Tasted tomato

13 January – Tasted strawberry

15 January – Tasted pear

19 January – Tasted steamed carrot

20 January – Tasted steamed carrot

21 January – Tasted two very tiny pieces of oven baked salmon from IKEA

22 January – Ate a very ripe pear about the size of my thumb

24 January – Ate a very ripe pear about the size of my thumb

From 24th January until today, 4th February I have forgotten to note down what I gave to Sarah..

1 February – Cucumber (sliced thick). She didn’t like it so much.

2 February – Tasted some banana. She loves banana! She ate about the size of two my thumbs!

3 February – Tasted some cucumber. I don’t think she likes cucumber so much..

4 February – Tasted some semi-ripe mango, she liked it.

7 cucumber

8 morning 1tsp vanilla yogurt

9 February – baked sweet potato

10 February – oven baked apple

(A short pause here because I was either reading some scary articles about giving food to early to babies, or I was waiting for Sarah to grow few days older, or I was always short of time during meal times)

17/2 – a couple of tiny spoons of strawberry yoghurt

18/2 – a slice of potato cooked in curry sauce and few tiny pieces of croissant

19/2 – tiny bit of my food at Ritz


21/2 – bfast orange

22/2 – lunch cucumber stick

23/2 – bfast orange pieces & toast w butter

24/2 – steamed carrots, and toast w butter

She wants it all!

25/2 – bfast: half toast w butter; lunch: tiny piece of one of my homemade chicken nuggets

26/2 – breakfast: a quarter toast w butter; lunch: nasi air w lots of air; dinner : tiny pieces of one meatball + few sips of water coz she accidentally tasted cili sos.

ALERT! 27/2 – I fried eggplant until soft and gave to Sarah. She turned red on the skin. 

2/3 – Majskrokar 2,3 pcs

3/3 – two cloves of peeled oranges, a piece of pear cut straight w skin on

5/3 – snacks majskrokar; lunch ugnsbakad sötpotatis

6/3 bfast toast w butter; lunch risifrutti from farmor

7/3 – lunch oven roasted sweet potato; snacks ripe pear


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