Picking up after himself

This just happened today, twice, I have to add. Elias took a basket full of his mittens and snowcap and threw the contents onto the floor. I was surprised and was just about to tell him off because I wanted to go upstairs and felt like I didn’t want to deal with his mess now. But I didn’t say anything to him and I just told him that Mamma is going upstairs. And to my surprise, Elias bent down and picked up the things one by one and put them back in the basket. I was really impressed! But I didn’t say anything about it. 

Then we went upstairs, I brought with me a bag full of dirty laundry from daycare. Elias started playing with it and I was like oh no, here comes mess my layndry all over the already dirty floor. I left the bag on the floor coz I needed to get ready to go out. I went around the house while getting ready, and then I saw that Elias was picking up all of the clothes and putting them back in the bag! Wow..! Now I have done this many times every time he is done playing with his toys but he never followed me. So I wonder if this is something he learned from his daycare or from me?

Also he ate apple today! Sliced and without the skin. He loved it soo much! But he still didn’t want to hold it with his fingers. Instead he asked me to feed him. 

But these are all big improvement that Elias is learning. I am so happy and very motivated to teach him more!

We love you our son 💗💗💗


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