Doctor checkup

From the first time that I gave Elias cow’s milk, Elias started then to have dry, raised patches on the insides of both his arms. He began to scratch himself on the raised spots and also on his chest just on his neckline. 

So I stopped giving him cow milk (it was only for few times for a couple of days) yes, the itchy bumps came quite instantly within one to two days. 

But he kept on scratching on his body, arms and legs. Then I suspected that he has eczema just like me, just like my father. 

I have tried putting on Miniderm creme all over his body (for the dryness) after every diaper change and applied hydrokortison creme on the areas that he always scratches but it didn’t make any difference. 

Once, after we moved to our new house in Jörlanda, I wanted to check if it was something external that caused his skin to react in such way, so I stopped using perfumed clothes detergent and stopped completely with clothes softener. 

To top to that, I also excluded from his diet, all milk and dairy products such as; milk, yoghurt, breakfast cereal, creamer, butter. 

And instantly, his skin condition improved. But, he has made the habit of scratching himself in his sleep. So it was quite difficult for his skin to heal even after I stopped with the perfumed washing detergent, and excluded dairy from his diet. 


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