Elias sucked the straw for the first time!

We were at the community hall today as usual and there was only one lady there, sitting down flipping through a magazine. She invites us to sit down and told us that there is some fruit juice in box for Elias. And I thought no way Elias can’t suck the straw yet. But sure it doesn’t hurt to try. So we gave it to Elias and Mikael gave the box a little press so that the juice would come out a little bit from the straw and then suddenly I saw that Elias was sucking the juice! Wow I’m kind of glad that he can suck straw now. Coz I have to be honest that he is still not eating properly. It’s either I’m a lousy cook or he’s a fussy eater or he’s just teething. We did see a couple of new crowns emerging from his top gum. And he already has four teeth up and two down! 

Let’s see, shall we?


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