Elias sucked the straw for the first time!

We were at the community hall today as usual and there was only one lady there, sitting down flipping through a magazine. She invites us to sit down and told us that there is some fruit juice in box for Elias. And I thought no way Elias can’t suck the straw yet. But sure it doesn’t hurt to try. So we gave it to Elias and Mikael gave the box a little press so that the juice would come out a little bit from the straw and then suddenly I saw that Elias was sucking the juice! Wow I’m kind of glad that he can suck straw now. Coz I have to be honest that he is still not eating properly. It’s either I’m a lousy cook or he’s a fussy eater or he’s just teething. We did see a couple of new crowns emerging from his top gum. And he already has four teeth up and two down! 

Let’s see, shall we?


We Have A Friendly Baby!

So our little one has started eating.. (So happy!) and still breastfeeding. So far he has been eating chicken, rice, avocado, among others. Really, I have tried with so many things that are on Pinterest and he was never interested but now he starts to eat them although he’s always cautious during the first bites. 

Okay so today I went to a sushi restaurant for lunch, just little one and I. And there were just us who were eating in the restaurant, the others mostly were on their lunch break. Then came a group of women and they saw Elias who was looking at them when they entered the restaurant. And he was smiling. He is definitely a charm troll (just like on his bib). When he saw them he automatically raised his hand and was actually saying “Hej” to the girls. I was surprised and the girls thought it was amusing. And he was so happy that his first hello gesture to strangers was acknowledged. I had to tap him more than a few times to get back his attention 😝