Is This It? The Beginning of Solid Food Chapter in Elias’ life.

Already since Elias was six months we started to give him food tasting. 

When I look back we could’ve started earlier but it was never the right time. 

Pappa was quite busy with work (not putting the blame on anyone!) and traveled quite often and Mamma just wanted to do the first time together as a whole family. And every time Pappa was home either there wasn’t a suitable food to start with or Elias wasn’t in the right mood to begin his first “smakprov”. 

So it happened only after Elias turned six months, after Pappa came home from his business trip to San Francisco. 

Elias wasn’t quite fond of his food. He thought all of them tasted – bleh. 

And then he turned seven months, still not fond of food. During this time Mamma has tried all food possible for a seven month’s old baby. The only thing that Elias likes was corn stick that can be bought from the local supermarket. He can eat that anytime.

 Exactly this one I bought all the time.

If he was given fruit pieces, vegetable cuts, biscuits, tried to be spoonfed with fruit or veggie mix, he’d refuse them.

Mamma thought that meal time is always a battle time! 😤😤😤

Until yesterday.. During breakfast Elias ate a couple of spoonful of baby cereal! Without being forced to eat them. It was unbelievable..! He even drank water from the NUK water bottle, yes, just a few drops but that’s good to begin with!


And today for dinner Mamma blended basmati rice cooked with fenugreek, fried beef, spinach and homemade chicken buljong. And Elias ate them!! He was even asking for more when Mamma took so long in between spoon feeds. So happy!!!! But then he stopped eating after he got bored..



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