Four More Teeth Making An Appearance

The first two on top made an appearance a little after TokNa and Atok went home to Malaysia. A few days after that, the teeth still haven’t fully appear — strange, thought Mamma. All the while Elias was always wet in his chin because his saliva was always running. And he didn’t want to eat any food except breastfeeding. 

Of course it’s so cozy to cuddle up in the big bed with Mamma and Pappa every night and let them kiss you from left and right.

Then one day, while Mamma was playing with Elias she saw four tiny, tiny tip of the teeth that are soon coming out from the top gum of Elias mouth. 

Oh my Elias, is that why you don’t want to eat anything? Is that why your saliva is always running down your chin? And is that why you have been so sour to Mamma and Pappa and at the same time very clingy?



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