Flu and mild fever

For one week Elias was having running nose and sometimes thick gooey yellow brownish in color. It was really a pain coz he kept waking up in the night as his nose was blocked and sometimes he choked when he started coughing.

I tried to make sure that he has enough warm clothes on him. I usually wash his face every morning when he wakes up and in the evening before I put him to bed. Also wash his hands. Which I forgot to do regularly for the past couple of weeks but I continued when he fell sick during Christmas. Also because he had more physical contacts through this time.

Then I started applying white wood oil on his chest and back every time I change his clothes. And under his feet. I noticed his nose started to get clearer so I continued.

All bibs are changed as soon as they’re detected drenched with drools, so that they don’t have the chance to penetrate through Elias’ shirt thus making his chest cold.

And of course extra love and care during the time when he is most sensitive because baby surely needs those!


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