When the little one is having a flu

It’s really strange, I thought in the beginning, when Elias was chocking on his own saliva (he wasn’t drinking anything and didn’t have anything in his mouth) a few times when we were spending some days at my in-laws. Then we came back home because he had baby swim and at the end of the class the instructor said, do you want to come tomorrow to make up for your missed class last week? (Elias had diaper rash) I said, Yes, sure! Then the next day we went Elias wasn’t so delighted during baby swim. He didn’t cry, but he yawned more than a couple of times and I could see from his eyes that he was quite tired. Oh what have I done now, I thought. And we played in the water until I thought he has had enough (really showed he wasn’t interested any longer) then we went to the shower room, which, I really have a problem with, because it’s so cold! It’s really freezing cold! Not even in Lundby nor any other gym facilities are that cold. And I think that’s where Elias first got his running nose 😦 Oh I forgot to add that he has been sneezing more than usual too, for the past days. Then on Saturday I took the saline salt solution and sprayed it up his nostrils. Might have made it worse since now the nose is running non-stop almost.
And his cheers and around the mouth area became dry because he moved a lot when I try to wipe the nose (didn’t succeed with the sucking pump).

Oh hope he will recover soon!


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