Elias loves the water

Ever since Elias turned three months we started going for baby swim in Kärra. I could not thought of a single time when he was cranky or cried during when he was in the water. Of course, in the beginning he was quite curious as to what is going to happen, ie. when I took off his clothes he started to look around and recognised that we’re not at home. Then I put on him a strange plastic feeling underwear. And bring him to the shower room which is really cold! Yes, it’s really cold! Every time we enter the shower room we will freeze and Elias just doesn’t stop shivering! I find this very disturbing and I definitely should write to the gym/swimming pool management about this. But nonetheless it doesn’t stop Elias from enjoying his time when we’re in the water. He loves being carried around in the water and when he lies on his back with my hands at the back of his neck and we go around the pool singing “Björnen sover” which means The Bear is Sleeping. And he loves all the moments when the instructor sings in the middle of a baby circle. He will just laugh and laugh during singing moments and even when he swallows some water he doesn’t care and just spits it back out. Next time when Mikael is around I will try to borrow a water proof camera to try to capture Elias under the water! I saw a couple did it today and I thought it is quite a genius idea! Let’s hope I can post some photos up next time.