Elias learned to flip on his tummy!

It was after Pappa turned 30 that Elias decided to show us his newfound skill. No wonder he has been quite whiney and cranky the past week. He refused to be left alone and cried loudly when I didn’t entertain him while he was in his baby sitter. And actually earlier last week, he learned to push his body up with one hand during tummy time. Very high too! I was very impressed. The rest of the push ups he made after that was not as impressive as the first one. I know, I’m a demanding mamma :-p

Already since three to four weeks ago (yes, that early) he has always wanted to be lifted up in standing position. He would make noises and held his hands up on the air. This is while lying down. It was Pappa whom first put his fingers in the little ones grasps and pulled him up. I was surprised and half-scolded him coz I said that his tiny legs and feet are not strong enough for his body! Boy, was I wrong!

So his first flip adventure happened on 26/10/2014 on a Sunday. The whole day and evening yesterday he was being patience and understanding. We had about 40-45 guests and I was so busy preparing food for all the guests and Pappa was busy preparing the hall, arranging seatings and all. And we almost didn’t have time to hold him, especially me. And throughout the evening he was being passed around among the guests and he didn’t even cry, not a single time! Okay, maybe once after he got really hungry after not being fed for four (maybe five?) hours. I know, I’m not proud..! 😦 But he was once again very patience and understanding. Of course someone has to hold him otherwise that’s the limit. I tried to put him to sleep but he was excited to join the crowd.

The next morning when we woke up and put him in his play gym that’s when he surprised us!


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