When Elias doesn’t want to sleep

Since Elias’ birth we have never let him cried for too long.

Mikael was so mesmerised with Elias from the first moment he laid his eyes on Elias, and he was also the first person in the family to get to hold Elias when he was born.

My parents and two of my three sisters are here visiting us especially for the newborn Elias.

We think that Elias is a strong and genius baby. He can focus on you when you’re talking to him, he appears to be listening when he’s in between conversations. When he lies down, he can already turn his head to your direction, well not so fast but you can see that he really puts a lot of effort to turn around. And all these he did already within the first two weeks of his life!

Then also the second week I probably have rushed too much to him whenever he made as little noise as possible and gave him the comfort of breastfeeding. It is only natural, I thought. And I wanted to give him as much pampering as I could while I still can.

To be continued…