Birth through cesarean

The delivery of our son wasn’t at all as planned.

After more than 24 hours of labor, I passed out in the middle of contractions and migraine attacks.

My body couldn’t take it and I had a seizure about half past midnight on the 15th July 2014. He said that he heard a gurgling sound coming from me and alerted the nurses and doctors. I was brought in directly to the operation room and since I was already in labour they decided that the baby should be taken out by operation since they do not know what is wrong with me.

At 1:42am, our little son came into the world and delivered to his father’s arms.

And I don’t remember when I woke up but all I knew was the doctor, Gunnar, asked me how I was feeling and explained the situation to me. I felt so much pain in my body and I couldn’t move. And losing the fragment of memory of having just delivered your own baby, I felt confused.

I thought of my husband; and I thought of where the baby is.

Two or three nurses came to tell me that they’re going to change me to another bed and I will return to my family. When I came into the room I saw my husband was holding a bundle of cloth and inside it is our adorable little baby that I meet for the first time.


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