Your hormone on your baby

I read somewhere too that sometimes your baby could have hard and pointy nipples. Yet none of the nurses and midwives at the Varberg Hospital did anything about this.

My mom said that in Malaysia they will squeeze the nipples slowly and then they will become soft.


Birth through cesarean

The delivery of our son wasn’t at all as planned.

After more than 24 hours of labor, I passed out in the middle of contractions and migraine attacks.

My body couldn’t take it and I had a seizure about half past midnight on the 15th July 2014. He said that he heard a gurgling sound coming from me and alerted the nurses and doctors. I was brought in directly to the operation room and since I was already in labour they decided that the baby should be taken out by operation since they do not know what is wrong with me.

At 1:42am, our little son came into the world and delivered to his father’s arms.

And I don’t remember when I woke up but all I knew was the doctor, Gunnar, asked me how I was feeling and explained the situation to me. I felt so much pain in my body and I couldn’t move. And losing the fragment of memory of having just delivered your own baby, I felt confused.

I thought of my husband; and I thought of where the baby is.

Two or three nurses came to tell me that they’re going to change me to another bed and I will return to my family. When I came into the room I saw my husband was holding a bundle of cloth and inside it is our adorable little baby that I meet for the first time.

Baju dan berat

Alhamdulillah, bersyukur sgt akhirnya dah habis basuh semua baju2 utk Elias, semuanya org bagi.. Lima plastic bag besar dan satu beg besar mcm hand luggage tu. Lepas ni nak sort ikut size dan condition baju2 tu semua sbb ada yg kita tak nampak pada awalnya zip dah tercabut or baby girl punya baju or ada color2 yg tak sesuai utk hero.

Kita tak payah nak beli baju2 baru utk baby dah, tunggu dah besar sikit baru belikan toys or something more educational for him.

Kaki kita pun dah semakin membengkak sekarang. Tak boleh lagi berdiri setempat lebih dari satu minit. Tiap-tiap pagi selepas bangun pasti kita akan sarungkan stokin sokongan seperti dicadangkan dalam banyak artikel internet dan juga doktor di sini.

Dan, hendak dijadikan cerita saya ini lebih sensasi, berat badan saya secara rasminya hari ini adalah 85 kg. Ya Allah, beratnya saya! Patutlah kaki saya bertukar menjadi biru apabila saya berdiri di atas kedua-dua kaki saya walaupun hanya lebih kurang dari satu minit.

Semoga saya dapat mengurangkan berat badan ke berat yang lebih ideal selepas bersalin nanti. Ini azam saya dan saya akan capai azam saya! Saya suami dan anak saya berhak mendapat seorang isteri dan ibu yang sihat, cergas dan cerdas!

Braxton Hicks contractions

I’ve read many articles about Braxton Hicks contractions and I still do not know if I have felt it. But yesterday while I was at work, yes, Yadgar went to Iraq because his father passed away so I worked at the shop for eight days, I felt like I had the ‘fake’ contractions. Intermittent mild contractions, and pulling in my back.

My belly is getting lower now too because it’s getting heavier! And I developed stretch marks that are painful 😦 All within the few days I was working. All the running around and bending down and getting up.

A lot of people say that I should be at home! I am quite amazed at myself too since I’m still going strong and durable. Many people said that when they’re this highly pregnant as I am now, they can barely walk any longer.

I’m glad to hear this. I really am hoping for an easy delivery with you, Carl Elias 🙂