Active baby

I’ve noticed that baby has been kicking more often since the past weekend. Mamma is very happy to know that baby is healthy of course. It is the sign that baby is growing up fast!
Sometimes mamma’s whole belly shooked because baby was kicking hard!

In the class, while Mamma was sitting on the tram, while walking, baby keeps on kicking. While watching TV the Third Watch series with pappa, baby kept on kicking.

Mamma read that baby’s weight is more than one kilograms now and is about forty cm long. So big…! 🙂 Mamma is so happy.

Last weekend on Saturday mamma received a belly belt support from a friend. I really love it! The best has definitely lessen mamma’s back pain.

Good night baby. Mamma and pappa love you!


Third trimester!

Today marks the beginning of our third trimester!

Mamma read that you are as big as a winter melon and weigh up to one kilo!

On two occasions I had to throw up after meal because I was feeling too uncomfortable in the stomach. Of course around the belly area since I had too much to eat.

Received a belly belt from a friend and I’m really surprised how much it helps to minimise the pain by having the belt on!

A lot of things are happening and mamma is getting quite stressed. Especially with the upcoming travel to New York, having a guest for one week directly after we come home but think positive, mamma. The apartment is still in a mess!

Dear Allah, please help me with strength and patience. Amin!

Good night, it’s 2am now.